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Mission Statement: To offer all pilots - from Student to Professional - information to improve skills, knowledge and safety.
Cessna 150   MD-11 on takeoff from Anchorage, Alaska
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For CFIs, Student and Private Pilots:

AOPA's Flight Training CFI Resources page - Lesson plans, flash cards, etc.
C-150 Preflight Inspection Checklist - .docx format editable for your airplane(s)
C-150 Normal Checklist .docx format editable for your airplane(s)
        (The above two checklists may be printed on the same piece
        of paper for a 5" x 7" back-to-back kneeboard format)

C-182 Normal Checklist .doc format editable for your airplane(s)
C-150 Weight & Balance spreadsheet - .xlsx format editable for your airplane(s)
C-182 Weight & Balance spreadsheet - .xls format editable for your airplane(s)
Learn-To-Fly - For aspiring Student and Private Pilots
Light aircraft traffic pattern profile
Presolo written test .docx format editable for your airport(s)
For Professional Pilots:

ALPA's Training Committee web site (Requires member login)
ANC 7R - View of approach end in good visibility
Approach at Minimums - View of approach end in low visibility
Autopilot Go Arounds - MD-11 / MD-10
Dihedral view of geometric dihedral with sideslip
HUD / EFVS view
KMEM RNAV 36R - NACO showing LPV
RNP PROCEDURES WITH SAAAR - FAA Advisory Circular AC 90-101
Windshear - MD-11 / MD-10
Thought for the Month

"Current doesn't mean proficient and legal doesn't always mean safe."

             - Adam White, President, Alaska Airmen's Association
             The Transponder - The Alaska Airmen's Association, Aug / Sep 2010

HOT Topics for all pilots

FAA links:

Advisory Circulars
AIM - Current Aeronautical Information Manual
Aircraft / N number Search
Airman Search
FARs - Current list of all Regs
Terminal Procedures Publications - NACO Instrument Approach plates
TFRs - Temporary Flight Restrictions
Training Resources and Guides
    Pilot Training Guides and Information
    Aircraft Handbooks and Manuals
        Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook
        Airplane Flying Handbook
        Aviation Instructor's Handbook
        Instrument Flying Handbook
        Instrument Procedures Handbook
        Knowledge Test Questions
        Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
        Airman Certification Standards
            Private Pilot Airplane - Airman Certification Standards
        Student Pilot Guide


NTSB Accident Database

NWS Main - Anchorage, AK
NWS Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

Personal links:

Mustang II
Cessna 150
Piper Navajo
"Whoop whoop, Pull up" - audio / ring-tone
"Engine 1 Fire" - audio / ring-tone

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